Real Estate Agents Recruiting in 2017

This year agents are looking for how to have a better commission producing business; set achievable goals; and have excitement in their lives.

With the improvements in the real estate market, agents are focusing on improving their bottom line and are looking to join a brokerage that will help them do just that, increase their revenue.

Recruiting agents this year means understanding the agents expectations and helping them to meet those expectations.

Your brokerages should be ready with the following:

1. Online Marketing Campaigns
Using social media, chats, search and click ads to generate buyer and seller leads, helps you to recruit agents. By having these different online marketing messages, agents see your company name in the context of a company that does marketing to help their agents to get leads, and thus to grow their business.

2. Online Communications
Agents are multitasking and sometimes just need a quick answer without having to wait around for a response. Therefore, emphasize your online communication tools – email, chats, messaging, etc.; that lets agents get information while working on other tasks.

3. Responding with Text
Let agents know that you utilize text messages as a way to provide them with information; especially when the agents are busy with other tasks – meeting with clients, working to get clients, marketing, etc.

4. Online Transactions
Let agents enter their own transactions. You review the information and documents, handle the commissions, and close the file. Agents have all the information about the transaction; therefore, you can eliminate the need for them to fax or take papers to the office.

5. Online Commission & Revenue
Make it easy for agents to know how things are going with their real estate business. Show them how at any time they can check their sales volume, commission earned, year to date totals, and pipeline.

Show agents how your brokerage gets involve and actually helps their business; and that tools and support are a standard part of your business practices; then invite them to join your brokerage.