Repurposing Content

Re-Purpose Your Social Media Content

Stop spinning your wheels to always be new.

You can market a single piece of content multiple times across social media.

Your one blog can…..
1.  have five quotes marketed on Twitter or Facebook

You can lift statements, passages, and single points from your blog; then throughout the day or the next couple of days you can post them on social media, with a link back to your article.

2.  be turned into an infographic, and link to a how-to video

Create graphic images relating to your blog post; or you can find images online.  You can post your images with captions relating to your blog.  Include a link that takes people to your blog for comments.  Or, a link to a related how-to video.

3.  be made into a podcast

Sometimes, people get tired of reading, and may simply want to listen.  Whether driving from work; during a coffee break; or while working around the house, lots of people enjoy learning through listening.

4.  be re-shared

It is okay to re-tweet, re-post your content with new updates, new pictures, or as a reminder if your post is about getting something done by a specific time frame.  You can re-share your content the same day, in couple days, even a couple of months down the line.