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People Like Simple

Simplicity Is King

People hate complexity. It means they have to spend more time thinking and figuring out what you are trying to tell them; and what you want them to do.  When you make it complex, it turns into a chore for the prospects and clients.

Complex means your email gets deleted or your message is not read.

Writing Your Emails – Simple

Research has found that the best emails are written at a 5th-grade reading level. Unfortunately, a number of emails are written beyond a 9th-grade reading level.

Therefore, a majority of emails feature difficult words, but even more feature extremely lengthy, complex sentences.

You should write like you are explaining something to a 5th grader. That means, speak in the simplest terms possible. Use simple sentence structures. And break up your paragraphs.

Explain one idea per sentence and one idea per paragraph.

Plus, breaking up your paragraphs is especially critical for mobile optimization. A long paragraph can look like a wall of text on someone’s phone.

People Appreciate Simple

Your prospects receive lots of information each day, so they will appreciate how quick, simple and easy it is to scan and understand your messages.