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On-Boarding New Real Estate Agents

When agents join your real estate brokerage, you want to get them on the fast track to becoming successful real estate agents.

Therefore, the goal of an on-boarding program should be a positive, informative and helpful experience to your agents. Three elements of a successful welcome and on-boarding process, include the following.

-1-  Establish Expectations

Your real estate brokerage should take care to set expectation for new agents as a means of establishing trust. You want agents to have a clear understanding of how their job performance will be measured, and how you will guide them into meeting performance goals and objectives.


(a)  How many new daily or weekly prospect communications the agent should be having so that a prospect leads to a client.

(b)  Following-up with prospects and clients consistently

(c)  Talking with friends and family to help generate clients

(d)  Key marketing information:  What to post, email and say when talking with potential clients.

-2-  Set Account Management

Your real estate brokerage should provide training on your tools, systems and/or software that the agents will be using.  Take enough time so that agents feel they understand how to use your systems to get things done.


(a)  Hold virtual training on entering and processing leads

(b)  Conduct practice training sessions on talking with potential clients

(c)  Review call scripts

(d)  Review and discuss social media posts, and why they did or did not create activity for the agent

-3-  Show the Why

Your real estate brokerage should remind agents why working with your brokerage is a benefit to the real estate career.  Highlight any bonuses, opportunities, referral compensation, and learning experiences that your real estate brokerage provides.