New Twist for Getting Leads

Everyday there is a real estate agent or broker doing a listing presentation. They prepare the information, do pricing analysis and present their findings to the seller.

The new twist is that today you can tweak your presentation, record it, then use it as a lead generating webinar.

Sellers, buyers, and investors are constantly looking for real estate information. Everyone wants to know precisely the same information that you are providing during your listing presentation.

Think about it, during your listing presentation you discuss home pricing, market changes, best ways to market the home, estimated days on the market, how to position the home to sell, etc. Well, this is the same information that others want to know about.

And with you providing the information, you become a trusted source for people to contact. Thereby getting you leads.

Setting Up Your Leads Webinar
1. Start by picking your best listing presentation.

Review your presentation to see if you need to remove any personal specific information like the seller phone number, email, etc. Also check if you need to add more information about other properties in the area.

2. Record yourself giving the presentation.

You can make this recording in your office, home office, conference room, etc. The idea is that you want to record yourself doing the presentation; and this can be recorded without the seller being present.

3. Use online software to schedule and handle your webinar.

There are software products that will handle the registration, scheduling and the playing of your webinar. In fact with some software you can setup to auto replay your webinar on different dates. This way your webinar can continue to play for as long as you like.

4. Get webinar attendees to contact you.

To get those who attended your webinar to contact you, at the end of your presentation, offer a private consultation. Because the person knows they will be doing a private consultation, they will provide you with their name, phone, email, address, etc.

5. Follow-up.

Make sure that you follow-up with each person that provides you their information. After all, they have watched your webinar and liked what you said. Now it’s time for you to sign them up as clients.