New in Agent Recruiting

Real Estate Brokers are getting creative and finding success in recruiting persons from other industries to become real estate agents.

The focus for today’s job seekers is shifting to a career where you can create more options for yourself. While it may sound clich√©, the new breed of professionals joining the real estate industry are doing so to control more of how their livelihood is made.

From retail bankers, investment advisors, to client service professionals, a number of people with non-real estate experience are finding that their previous careers can give them a boost in real estate sales; and this is the market that some real estate brokers are tapping into to add to their agent roster.

A number of today’s real estate brokers has gotten creative to find professionals with prior sales skills, people skills, and a business network connection. Some of the industries that are being targeted for sales professionals include:
1. Luxury Hotel Concierge & Sales

2. Medical Supply Sales

3. Investment Advisors

4. Ex-Small Business Owners

5. Funeral Advisor & Sales

6. Luxury Goods Sales

Real estate agents have a history of coming from a variety of professions. Real estate brokers are starting to take the initiative and look into the different industries for new agents.