Real Estate Networking

Networking with Real Estate Agents

Talking with Agents About Your Brokerage

Real estate agents, like other professionals, are always looking for ways to improve their business.  Part of the reason that agents attend seminars, conferences and events, is to talk with other real estate professionals.  Agents want to get a sense of who’s doing what in their industry; as well as tips on how to improve their business performance.

Getting Good Results

When networking with real estate agents,

-1-  First, determine your purpose; what’s your goal.  For example, are you looking to recruit top producing agents; are you looking for a referral source, giving and/or receiving; are you looking to create teams, …

-2- Next, determine the best place to meet real estate agents.  Is it at an annual real estate conference?  How about at a local community event?  Or maybe online in a community group.

Making the Connection

You want to be where the real estate agents, that you want to network with, will be; and once you are there here are some tips:

-1-  Let the agents do the talking.  You will learn a lot by listening and asking inquisitive questions.  Ask them about their last deal; how they got it; what they like about it.

-2-  Ask about any current deals and how things are going.  Perhaps you can offer some valuable insight and potential solutions.

-3-  Share some of your marketing strategies; things that you found to be working for you.

-4-  Talk about online real estate groups and other groups that you like.

-5-  Let agents know that your brokerage is currently recruiting and invite them to stop by or check you out online.