Network & Build Relationships

Network the Right Way – Build Connections

Connections are important.
Like really important if you want to grow your business.

So, how do you Network and Build Connections?  Start by doing something notable that makes people want to network with you. Build something that creates value for people.  Publish something that helps your market for free, or simply do something valuable for the people you want to connect with.

In real estate this could mean letting your work speak for itself…. your current listings, current buyers, sold properties, number of transactions,….  Plus letters, comments, and appreciation from your clients.

Ways to Build Connections

1. Host your own event. This is a great option if you’re looking to strengthen the relationships with your existing clients, as well as a way for potential clients to see how great they will be treated by you. Have your invitation be to a new office or project launch; or an exclusive party at the hottest bar/restaurant in town.

Allow them to bring a guest, which gives you the chance to be introduced to a new contact.  However,  the main goal is to provide additional value to the connections you already have.

2. Double dating. Let’s say that you have four tickets to a sporting event or concert. Invite a current client, connection, or strategic partner. Ask them to bring someone they think you should meet.

This way, you either have a new connection or have just strengthen the relationships that you have with your existing clients.

3. Reconnecting with dormant ties. This is when you follow up with professionals, like former classmates.

Connect with former co-workers, or any contacts from a previous career, that you haven’t talked to in sometime.

Even if you have a similar inner circle, these contacts should definitely have connections outside of that circle.

4. Build relationships online. Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to build authentic relationships online.