How to Develop a Marketing Message That Fills Your Pipeline

You want to grow your real estate business. The goal is to do more transactions, recruit more agents, and to get more leads in the pipeline.

You’ve gotten a website, setup Facebook, and even have a twitter account.

So what is your marketing message? Are you like everyone else and just sell real estate, or is there something special and of distinguished value to your services?

To get your pipeline flowing with leads and prospects, you must start with looking at the core message that you are providing.

Your core message should convince potential clients that you have the answer to their problem. Any marketing that you do, should center around this concept.

Marketing Message Examples

First, make sure you have decided what part of the real estate market you plan to serve. For example, are you focusing on luxury, out of town buyers, investors, short sales, foreclosures, second home buyers, retirees, multiple property owners, etc.

Then, develop a core marketing message for the real estate markets you plan to serve. Here are some examples.

people do not want to buy a drill, they want to dig a hole.

1. For Short Sellers
Market Motivation: seller is having financial difficulties and
is looking to cut their loses.
Core Message: get Max Maximum Price in Shortest Time
Your Action: let people know that you will handle the worry
of getting their property sold. And they can
start planning to move on.

2. For Foreclosures
Market Motivation: banks want to not lose any more money on
bad real estate deals
Core Message: help Clear Inventory at Best price
Your Action: let banks, lenders and others know that you are
a real estate expert that deliver results

3. For Investors
Market Motivation: buy good real estate at a cheap price
Core Message: Great real estate at a Bargain
Your Action: let investors know that you find great real
estate deals quite often.

4. For Traditional Sellers
Market Motivation: get Most Money for their property
Core Message: our Experience gets you Top Dollar for your
Your Action: tell sellers that you work to get them the best
top price in the market

The examples above are to give you a starting point to getting your core message in place. Then use this message in your business and pass it on to your agents.

When people know that you can help them, they will contact you.