Recruit Real Estate Agents

Make Recruiting Super Easy

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are the biggest factors.

You’ve provided very compelling information and explained the benefits.  You are sure that the real estate agent will be successful with your real estate company.  You sense that the agent agrees.

So what is stopping the agent from joining your brokerage?

Surprisingly, research shows that regardless of the prospective agent’s confident demeanor, on the inside they experience fear, uncertainty and doubt about the situation.

What do you do?

First, do not continue to overload the agent with more information.  When agents experience too much stress, it often results in analysis paralysis.  They are too overwhelmed with information and contradictory evidence to make a decision.

Second, anticipate and diffuse the main sources of the agents stress during the presentation process.  For example make information like splits, fees & disbursement readily available.

Third, establish trust.  Agents know that brokers and recruiters exaggerate their real estate company’s benefits and services.  Therefore, agents must spend time to validate the facts as they were represented.  So, start from the initial contact establishing trust.

Fourth, make it super easy to join your brokerage.  Give agents options, like they can join your brokerage from your website; agents can send an email; or agents can call your office.  Have a recruiting section on your website, so agents can see and compare real estate brokerages accordingly.