Home Buyers

Looking for More Home Buyers?

Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Whites and others want to own a home.  They are working; can qualify for a home loan; and are interested in buying a home today.  Are you reaching out to them?

Everyone wants a house they can afford

Families want a home where they feel safe and secure.  They also want a home they can afford, and they are willing and able to meeting the financial requirements to own a home.

As real estate professionals you know there are house in different price ranges; in different locations; and with different amenities. So, today if you are looking for more people to buy houses, try marketing to people with a different message to attract more home buyers.

Marketing Message – Welcoming, Safe & Affordable

People want to feel and know that they will be welcomed in the location in which they choose to live. While at the same time, people want their family to be safe; and they want their house payment to be affordable.

You can increase your pool of home buyers by using language that let buyers know that you can help them find a house.  And, that you are willing to work with anyone looking to buy a house.

Layout qualifiers and state you provide excellent service to all

Put your process in writing, so that everyone is provided with excellent service and are treated the same.  If you have any per-qualifiers like a buyer must be per-approved for a home loan before viewing houses, state that upfront to everyone; and remain consistent in applying it to everyone.

Niceness, professionalism and actually providing equal treatment goes a long way.  You will be surprised how words of recommendation will spread about your brokerage.  When people get a genuine sense of being treated fairly, they tell others about their good experience.