Selling on Social Media

Listen for Social Selling Opportunities

Has one of your follower posted
they would like to own a home?

Look for social opportunities to expand your prospect pool.

Social selling doesn’t always mean conversion directly as a result of social.  Usually, it’s about social media managers getting the assist from their sales teams.

Example 1
Someone might tweet that she’s thinking about buying her first home, and a local real estate broker chimes in with a useful video.

Example 2
Someone might post to Facebook that he just got a new job and will be moving.  He is not sure if he should sell or rent out his house.  You can chime in and offer info on being a long distance landlord; or info on selling and moving on to your next horizon.

Example 3
Someone might post a picture of the area in which they would like to live – with the caption, can’t want to get my own home.  You can reply with helpful ways to buy the home you want.

Example 4
Someone may tweet about retiring and downsizing.  You can offer some info maximizing their home sale, which can provide extra funds for their retirement years.

Also, there are times when someone may not be so happy with your #1 competitor.  This can be an opportunity for you to reach out and provide information and to offer assistance.

The idea is to look for these kinds of opportunities to help increase your sales.

Social selling opportunities are everywhere once you start looking.