Leads Postings that Keep Working for Brokers and Agents

There are 2 keys to keeping the leads coming (1) a psychological message that speaks to people, and (2) distributing that message.

Here is what we found that is helping real estate brokers and agents with generating leads.

Psychological Message
Use a psychological message that compels a person to want to take action now. And if not now, you want them to want to write down your information, so that they can contact you when they have time.

EXAMPLES for Listings Leads:
This is the Time to Get TOP $$$$ for Your Property.
Let us know how much you want.
Call Now xxx-xxx-xxxx

EXAMPLES for Buyers Leads:

Example 1:
Million Dollar Home + Mercedes Benz
Only $499,900???!!!

Example 2:
I have a house that I really HAVE to sell like this week.
I’m selling for over $33K off of retail price.
3 bedroom, 2 bath house in a quiet neighborhood.
Call me NOW at xxx-xxx-xxxx

Distributing Your Message
Whether you use postcard direct mail, craigslist, email, or online ads, the important thing to know when sending your marketing message is to be consistent and give it time to work.