Using Lead Generator to Recruit Agents

Real estate agents look for real estate companies that will help the agent with their business.

Top brokers are stepping-up their recruiting by showing agents their lead generator strategy, and by showing how the agent benefits with the broker helping them to grow their business.

High transaction volume real estate brokers recruit agents who are working to get things done, client focus, and who are closing deals. They do this by sharing information on how the company create leads for the agents, and how the agent can best utilized those leads to increase their number of closings.

Lead Generator
Every agent wants more leads where the end result is an increase in business, commission payment and revenue. Knowing this, real estate brokers recruit agents by showing them the results from their leads:

1. New Leads Generated by Company. Show information on how many new leads your company gets on a monthly and weekly basis. Also show how successful you have been in previous years generating leads.

2. Agent Percentage of Leads. Discuss how many new leads you give to your agents, and how you go about assigning those leads. Agents want to know they can expect from your brokerage.

3. Percentage of Converted Leads. Provide data on how many of your company generated leads are converted to clients; and how many are converted to closings. This lets the agent understand the success potential for their business.

4. Commission Payouts. Talk about commission splits, and how much the agent can earn in any given month. Discuss the check amounts that could likely be distributed to the agent.

The go-getter agents know that leads are important. By showing the agents how your brokerage handles leads, your next step is to ask them if they would like for your brokerage to help them with their business.