Landlord frustrated with no rent

Landlords are Tired, Frustrated and Maybe Ready to Sell

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to take it toll on everyone.  With just a couple of weeks ago, everyone was excited about the potential of getting back to work, outdoor activities, and maybe even having dinner with friends.

However, after a brief re-opening, we have more people being effected by Covid-19 and along with that, more cities and states are once again asking businesses to close.

This week there are announcements from governors to continue the moratorium on evictions and rent collection.

Landlords are getting tired and exhausted.

When Florida Gov. Ron De Santis announced on Monday, 7/6/2020, that he was extending the state’s moratorium on evictions and mortgage foreclosures for another month, the reaction was one of exasperation from landlords.  There are landlords who have tenants that simply stopped paying rent in March and have not made another rent payment.

In surveying landlords, we found that a number of landlords are actively exploring an option to either sell their rental units or do a 1031 exchange.

Are you interested in helping landlord sell their rental units?

If so, now is the time to update your website, online profiles, postcards and other marketing materials to let landlords know that you can provide assistance.

If you are a residential real estate broker or agent, you can target your focus to landlords that own single family home, condo, or four-unit apartment building.  All of these properties process the same as single family house.