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Key to Effective Social Media Engagement

If you are looking to build a reliable and effective social media engagement, their is one thing that stands out above all else – Consistency.

Consistency Works on Any Social Channel

Once you have chosen the social channels that your real estate business will focus on, you and your team should intently commit to engaging, responding and informing those persons that visit and/or connect with you on that channel.

  • Valuable Tips:  Pick a day and time that you will provide valuable tips; then stay consistent with providing that information.
  • Webinars / Live Streams:  If you are offering webinars or live streams, be consistent with the day and time people can watch and learn from you.
  • Q&A Sessions:  Let your social connections know when you will be available to answer questions; and the topics that you will be focusing on.

Over time, people will learn that they can count on you to respond, as well as provide useful and valuable information.  So, when the time comes for them to buy or sell their home, you will be at the top of their list of persons to contact.