Website Analytics

Is Your Website Turning Away Agents?

Your website is a showcase place for your real estate business.  You promote, tweet, comment and email agents about your real estate brokerage – referring agents to your website to find out more.

Once agents go to your website, are you checking your analytics to see if your website is turning away real estate agents?

How do you know if agents are being turned away?

Check Your Bounce Rate
The bounce rate measures the amount of times someone views your website and immediately leaves without clicking further into your content. If these analytics are high, it may be a sign that agents are turning away from your site, and it maybe time to improve your website’s design, functionality, or content.

Other Website Analytics to Check
: In simple terms, traffic is the number of times a particular web page is viewed. It also refers to the number of people that visit your website. It’s a good measure of how many people are visiting your website as a result of your marketing efforts.

Session Duration: The session duration is the amount of time any one visitor spends on your website. These numbers can tell you a lot about the effectiveness of your marketing campaign; the level of interest in your blog posts; and the overall attractiveness (look and feel) or functionality of your website.

 You spend resources — time and money to develop and maintain your website.  The next step is to measure your website effectiveness; to make sure you are getting the desired results.