Real Estate Agents

Influx for Real Estate Careers

More People are Interested in Real Estate Careers

When the coronavirus pandemic caused businesses to shut down, people getting licensed for a real estate career fell to nearly zero in a number of states.

However, by the end of July there are a record number of people getting their real estate license.  The National Association of Realtors reported that it had grown to 1,409,727 members; up 1.9% from the same time last year.

A combination of the growing housing market, and people who are looking for a second or third career are driving the new real estate license surge.  Layoffs forced lots of people to find other ways to be in charge of their career and future; now a number of those people are choosing a career in real estate.

The impact of the layoffs from the coronavirus pandemic has people looking for ways that allows them to be in control of their destiny, as well as different ways to make their money.  The nature of the real estate career does that.

If You Are Looking to Recruit Agents

This is the time to highlight the advantages of a real estate career with your brokerage, including:

  • Setting your own hours;
  • Work at your own pace; and
  • Control your future.

Be sure to including those items in your marketing materials.