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Ideal Length for Your Social Media Content

Twitter, Facebook, Blogs…. How long should your posts be?


Twitter’s “Best Practices” guidelines say that tweets of 100 characters or less get 17% higher engagement.

Research from Buddy Media says that tweets of up to 100 characters are retweeted more.

So 100 characters on Twitter seems to be the sweet spot.


Short posts are also preferred on Facebook.  Businesses posting on Facebook saw 86% higher engagement when the post was 40 characters or less.

Per the research, it seems that if your content is really long, no one will read it.  People are in a rush all the time, especially on social media.

Blog Posts
While posting on your blog is not seen as social media; however, you are likely integrating your blogs into your social media strategy.

And, blog length is the opposite of a social media post.  Research says that content with 1,600 words (about a 7 minute read) gets the most attention.  It seems that a little more depth on your blog is a good thing.