How to Win New Agents and Create Advocates

As a Broker, you know that real estate agents are the lifeblood of your business, so acquiring more agents is essential to your growth.  The holy grail, however, is transferring those agents into advocates.

Improving Lead Quality
You are marketing online, sending emails and have your google click campaign going.  So why are a number of your leads not converting?

Your qualifiers.

What messages are you using in your advertising?  What are your keyword?  Are you qualifying your leads?

When someone reaches out to you and inquire about your brokerage, you should seek to learn more about them.  You can start with asking simple questions like,

“We want to be the best brokerage for you.  Is there something specific that you are looking for in a brokerage?”

“We work hard to help our agents close more deals.  What can we do to help your real estate business grow?”

The goal is to find out more about what the persons want;  what are they looking for;  what are they expecting; and why are they looking to change brokerages.  For those persons looking to start a career in real estate, you also want to find out why they decided to be in the real estate industry.

Knowing more about your lead lets you tailor your follow-up messages, and you get a better sense of the conversion time frame.  Plus, it helps you to decide which lead should be getting more immediate attention, versus leads that will take a longer time.


Creating Advocates
Advocates of your real estate business share positive word of mouth, give rave reviews, and are key drivers of referrals.

Your existing real estate agents are your best advocates; so making sure that your agents are happy and having a great experience working at your real estate firm should be a top priority.

Studies confirm that real estate brokerages that are growing, adding agents and closing more deals, have a high percentage of agents who are satisfied with working at their real estate company.

To create advocates for your real estate business, start by finding out how your agents like working for your brokerage, and why they would or would not refer other agents.

Getting Feedback from Your Agents – Satisfaction Survey
Everyone likes it when you are working to make things better.  Let your agents know that you take their opinion and ideas serious, and would like to know how things are working out for them.

Develop a survey that asks your agents “how likely is that that he/she would recommend your real estate brokerage to a friend or other persons?”

Setting the Stage for Referrals – Highlight Successes
Make a big deal in recognizing things that your agents are achieving; e.g.,

— when an agent makes certain sales targets; or
— when an agent goes above and beyond to help out another agent; or
— when an agent has been with your brokerage for a certain length of time.