Word of Mouth Marketing

How to Use Word of Mouth – Get More Clients

Lots of people are wary of claims made by companies, including real estate companies.

Have you ever watch an ad and said, “who believes that”.  Or better yet, watch a real estate ad where the person claims to have gotten you a great house for very little money; way below neighborhood market value.

While people are skeptical, they are still willing to trust people they know.  This is why Word of Mouth marketing has always been powerful.


Using Word of Mouth Marketing

Today, you can use Word of Mouth marketing is a more direct way.  Rather than having your real estate company saying how good your services are, you can let your happy clients do it for you.

Let your happy clients tell your stories
Real estate businesses are using social media, online discussion forums, bloggers and client testimonials to create engaging and persuasive narratives.  Doing it this way, gets more people to trust in your company, because they learned about you from someone they know.


You have an online marketing campaign that talks about your real estate selling experience, housing knowledge, and clients you’ve represented.

In your ad, you want seller to know they can trust you.

But to ensure the message resonates with your target audience, you could ask your happy clients to tell their stories.

Thereby, rather than focusing on a list of things that you say your real estate business can do; your clients could talk about how easy you made selling their home.  Or, how they were happy to have you to explain their options.


Research shows that more than 90 percent of people trust the opinion of a friend or relative over claims made in an ad.

Using Word of Mouth marketing gets to the very heart of what a brand is about — public perception.