Text Messages Marketing

How to Recruit & Market with Text Messages

Text Messages have a 98% open rate

Text messages have a much higher open rate, and a response rate over 7 times higher than email.  If you are looking for ways to reach more real estate agents, buyers and sellers, text messaging can offer you another option.

Using Text Messages for Recruiting & Marketing

1. Your Keywords

Take time to list out the top 15 keywords that relate best to your real estate agent recruiting campaign; and 15 keywords relating to your marketing campaign.  Pick keywords that would be most memorable to your prospects.  Also,  keep your keywords active for a few weeks after the campaign has ended to allow for people to continue to opt in and share the keyword with others well after it has ended.

Key Tip:  Your keywords should also be accepted by auto correct so contacts can easily opt in.

2. Stick to a Schedule

People appreciate knowing how often they will receive messages. You can use a steady messaging stream to your advantage…, such as targeting newly licensed real estate agents; or agents looking to change brokerages,  You can also send messages to contacts actively looking to buy or sell a home.

Key Tip:  Taking the time to schedule your text messages can help you to build a marketing rhythm, where each text reinforces the other.

3. Include a Call to Action (CTA)

Your texts need to be actionable, because people expect info in text messages to be relevant and actionable.  Your call to action can include a phone call, link reply, or sharing the message.

Key Tip:  Your marketing text messages should provide quick info that expects your contact to perform an action.

4. Create Value and Urgency

Text messages are read within three minutes of receipt.  You can capitalize on this by urging your contacts to act in as little as a few hours.  Your texts can contain an end date for an offer; or a message encouraging a quick click response.

Key Tip:  Always offer something of value.  The quickest way to ensure contacts unsubscribe is to send messages that have no value.