How to Increase Your Referrals

Referrals are highly qualified leads; after all the person providing you with the referral knows you and the other person.  While there are some dos and don’ts, the key to getting referrals is to simply ask, ask often, ask regularly and to systematically keep track of it all.

Here are the KEY Components to Getting Referrals

1. Avoid the “Anyone” Trap.  When asking for a referral, don’t say “Is there anyone else…”.  This is a closed ended question to which the person is likely to say No -they do not know of “anyone” else.

2. Don’t Go the “Want Services” Route.  Asking for who “may want good service” may result in the other person trying to think of somebody who has been asking for your style of handling business.  And of course they may not know of anyone.

3. Ask Specifically for “Who”.  When asking for a referral, always ask for a specific “who”.  This will get you a highly qualified lead and most often positive results.  For Example:  Who do you know who is currently looking to buy a home?  Or,  Can you tell me who in your family is looking to buy a home?  And with today’s market, you may want to ask, Who do you know that needs help selling or re-financing their home?

4. Ask Regularly.  If you only occasionally ask for referrals, you will get limited referrals.  Asking regularly will get you many more valuable referrals.

5. Document Referrals Immediately.  Worse than not getting a referral is letting a referral slip away.

Research reveals that you should manage your referrals like you manage your closings.  Keep in contact, provide valuable information, and say thank you.