How to Increase Your Agents Production

You want your agents to close more deals.  Your agents want to close more deal.  After all, it is a win / win when more deals are closed.

So how can you help your agents increase their closings? 

Try implementing some the following with your agents:

1. Use the “two-minute rule”

The “two-minute rule” is for making the most of a small window of time.  The idea is:  If you see a task or action that you know can be done in two minutes or less, do it immediately. According to Steve Olenski, an entrepreneur and influential content strategist, completing the task right away actually takes less time than having to get back to it later. Thereby, allowing you to actually get more things done.

2. Quit Multitasking

Psychologists reports that attempting to do several tasks at once can result in lost time and productivity. Instead, make a habit of committing to a single task before moving on to your next project.  While we tend to think of the ability to multitask as an important skill for increasing efficiency, the opposite may in fact be true.

3. Work in 90-minute Intervals

Professor K. Anders Ericsson and his colleagues at Florida State University have found that working in 90-minute intervals is the prescription for maximizing productivity.  They studied elite performers (musicians, athletes, actors and chess player) and found that those who work in intervals of no more than 90 minutes are more productive than those who work 90 minutes plus.

4. Look at Something Nice

Some research says outfitting your work area with aesthetically pleasing elements, like plants, can increase productivity by up to 15 percent.  So, spruce up your office space with pictures, candles, flowers or other items that brings you a feeling of happiness.

5. Take Regular Breaks

While it sounds counter intuitive, but taking scheduled breaks can actually help improve concentration. Some research has shown that taking short breaks during long tasks helps you to maintain a constant level of performance; while working at a task without breaks leads to a steady decline in performance.

Research suggests that you should resist the temptation to pack more into your already full calendar.  Instead, take a step back and think about ways you can work smarter, not harder.