Real Estate Recruiting

How to Grow Your Agent Roster in 2020

You can start today, getting more real estate agents

-1-  Email Isn’t Dead, It Continues to Work

People engagement with email campaigns is increasing because emails are now being read and accessed from mobile devices; which also means that email are ready more frequently and immediate.

The key to email marketing is to send relevant information that prospect agents find valuable and helpful.  You want agents to see you as the broker that can really help their real estate business.

For Example:
Provide information on how your top agents are getting leads, and turning those leads into clients.

-2-  Show How You Help Your New Agents

On the first day that a new agents walks in your door, to start work with your brokerage, you should have materials that provides a road map as to how the agent can grow their client base.

This material can identify marketing tips; include successful call scripts; how to use social media; and follow-up techniques.

Also, plan for new agents to sit and talk with your existing agents.  This helps both your new and existing agents to learn from each other, and to build team support.

-3- Introduce Your New Agents on Social Media

This lets others know that your brokerage is growing, and it gives new agents more social media exposure.  Your new agent can link to to their bio on both your social media platforms, as well as your website. Thereby, allowing both you and your new agent more connections.

-4- Recruit with Evening Events

People considering joining the real estate profession maybe currently working in another industry.  Therefore, they may not be available to attend a morning or afternoon meeting.

Conduct an evening meeting, when more people may have time and are interested in hearing what you have to say and offer, in terms of a real estate career.

-5- Get Out of the Office

Spend time in the community, at community events talking about how you and your team of agents help people find homes.  Talk about past and current deals where you really went the extra mile to get the job done.  Also talk about the support you give to your agents, so they in turn can really help people.

People in general want to be apart of a winning team; and want to do things that makes a difference in their life.