How to Get the Right Agents to Your Webinar?

Webinars have exploded in popularity.  All types of industries and companies use webinars to promote their business, products and services; and today webinars are positioned as a high-valued lead generator.

Webinars are used by businesses in a number of ways, including marketing, training and recruiting.  For real estate brokers, webinars can be a great tool for recruiting real estate agents.

Attracting the Right Agents

Define the Agents Struggles

People attend webinars to get information; get solutions to a problem; and to learn new things.  Real estate agents are no different.

When choosing to attend a webinar, agents are looking for answers to their current problems.  Therefore, by your real estate brokerage identifying current problems and struggles that are impacting real estate agents, you can develop a webinar or series of webinars that address the agents’ issues.

For example, real estate agents:  (a) are always looking for ways to get more clients, and for new agents how to get their first client;  (b) what to know how to talk with people so that they trust you to sell their home; (c) want data analysis on current market conditions;  (d) want to be update on new real estate related legislation; etc.

Providing information, data, research, talks, etc. about issues that are important to real estate agents, will attract a number of real estate agents to your webinar.


Select the Right Hot Topic

After identifying current issues that are of concern, to real estate agents, in your target market, the next thing is to develop your webinar title.  Choose a title that grabs attention.

Agents, like other people that attend webinars, prefer topics with depth that teach them something useful.  Avoid the superficial large topics.

Instead, speak to having answers to their struggles.

For example:  In Depth Data from Latest Market Research on How People Select an Agent to Sell their Home.


Announce the Webinar

Promoting your webinar involves getting the word out through a number of channels, such as:

  • Email  –  send an initial webinar announcement and one or more reminders.  Also send a reminder to those who have registered.
  • Social Media  –  use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin to spread the word about your upcoming webinar.  Also, during the registration period, initiate conversation on your social channels about the webinar topic.
  • Webinar and Online Event Promotion Services  –  can be use to promote and track webinar attendees.
  • Newsletters and online press release services  –  include a section about your upcoming webinar and how to sign-up for it.
  • Your Website –  be sure to post upcoming events on your website and blog.


Simple Registration

Keep registration simple.  Asking for too much information makes the process complicated and discourages registration.

Offer perks to those who register, like automatically inserting the event into the registrant’s calendar and automatically sending email reminders as the webinar date approaches.

REMEMBER…  Talk about the upcoming webinar on your social network and encourage agents to reach out socially and talk about what they are hoping to have answered in the webinar.

Online pre-conversations helps build anticipation for your webinar,
fosters interactivity, and allows you to tailor your content to agents’ needs.