How to Get Leads in October

October is the new start to the year-end festivities. Each year more people hang Halloween decorations; more costumes are purchased; and there are more communities having organized Halloween celebrations.

This provides you with many opportunities to get involved, meet people, and help them with their housing issues.

October starts both the year end and new year planning, with a number of people assessing their living situations and deciding:
— should we sell now or next year
— should we move for better schools for the kids
— am I going to relocate for a new job
— should we start downsizing; purchase smaller home
— do we need more room

All this provides for a great month to get more real estate leads.

Thereby to get more real estate leads in October

1. Connect with Chamber of Commerce

Your Chamber of Commerce is involved with communities activities, especially for putting on events for businesses. They can connect you with events, people, and host communities gatherings.

2. Sponsor Kids Halloween Party

There are always organizations, schools, and charities that could use some help with their Halloween functions. And, these organizations would be happy to tell everyone how important and helpful you were with making sure the event took place.

3. Talk with Your Neighbors about Housing Prices

Every home owner at some point wants to know about housing prices in their area; as well as what the price would be for their home. Talking with your neighbor will show them how knowledgeable you are about real estate, and you can establish yourself as an expert on your community.

4. Speak at a Neighborhood Housing Clinics

Organizations that help first time home buyers have been around for a long time, and they still exist today. These organization are always looking for experts to come in and talk with their staff and clients about the current housing market, prices, and what it takes to purchase a home.

5. Attend Your Community Halloween Celebration

Parties are always a good time to meet new people; talk with someone you have not seen for a while; and to take a moment to relax and add a bit of fun to your day. Your community Halloween celebration is a good time to add more people to your network.

With each new person you meet, be sure to drop a ‘nice to meet you at …..’ note (email or note card). If they have asked for housing information, be sure to send it, along with your contact information and area of expertise.

For past acquaintances, send a note saying, ‘it was good to talk with you again at ….’ Remind them of your expertise in real estate, and let them know that they can contact you if they find themselves needing some questions answered about real estate.