How to Get Internet Leads

Yep, the results are in and most folks shop online first before contacting anyone for assistance. This is especially true with real estate. There are a number of places online where people can search for homes, check property prices and even check out neighborhoods.

Folks shopping for real estate want to first see what’s available and get a feel for what they want. Most have every intention of using a real estate professional to assist them once they are ready to proceed.

Online real estate shoppers have a number of ways of identifying themselves. Getting and keeping your internet leads pipeline full, means you must get the real estate shoppers to identify themselves to you.

Getting the Leads
The number ONE lead generator, and the most valuable commodity to a home buyer or seller is INFORMATION.

Our research has proven this to be true. No myths or wishful thinking here, just the facts on what works. So let’s explore this in further details.

Let’s start with a seller. The first question a seller asks is, “how much can I get for my home?” — the seller is seeking Information. Other questions asked are, how long will it take to sell in this market? What changes would I need to make for my house to sell faster? Will the buyer qualify for a loan? Can I do seller financing? These are all questions that are looking for Information.

Let’s look at a buyer. Their questions are, Am I paying too much? What’s a good price to offer? Is the market going to go lower? Is the house in good condition? How much work and extra money will I have to use to get it in good condition? Why are they selling now? Are there hidden problems with this foreclosure property?

Now that you know that “information” is key, your next step is to provide useful and valuable information that will get the prospect to identify themselves to you. This can be done in a number of ways:
ask prospect for their name & email address so you can send
them the information

have prospect call a toll free number to get information

let prospect email you for the information

ask prospect to join newsletter so that can get more
valuable information

ask prospect to call right away if they are in need of
immediate help

ask prospect to give their opinion about the housing market
in their area

offer to assist prospect with locating financing

offer to feature prospect story in your newsletter

Make sure your information is of value to your target market. When people get something of value, including information, they keep it around for their next purchase.