Call to Action

How to Create Call To Action that Gets Leads

Call To Action (CTA) should entice and urge people to respond in a particular way

Call to action (CTA) should get a person to click on a link to take an action, like downloading, sharing or purchasing.

To have an effective CTA, you should first find out what resonates with real estate buyers and sellers; what things are they typically interested in; and what will be an offer that they cannot pass up.

Rules for Creating CTA that gets Results

(1) Be Clear and Specific.  People need to be able to grasp quickly what you are asking them to do and why.  Don’t just say “click here”; let them know what they will get when they do.

(2) Provide Value.  If home buyers and sellers do not immediately see how your offer or request benefits them, they will not respond.

(3) Create a Sense of Urgency.  If people don’t respond immediately, they probably will not respond at all.  Attach a time-sensitive reason to reply now, such as a limited-time-offer, or expiration date.

(4) Use Only One Call-to-Action Per Outreach.  Don’t confuse people or you will lose them.

(5) Remove Risk. Show prospects that others like them use what you are offering or took advantage of this opportunity.

(6) Be Visible and Prominent.  Place your CTA message and link prominently on your social channels.  On your landing page, use distinct colors, clean layout and other visual clues to make the call-to-action stand out. And, don’t make people scroll down the page to find your CTA.

(7) Be Consistent.  People should be able to see the connection between the CTA and your social channel, and on the landing page it took them to.  Maintain the same message, look and feel.

Sample Call To Action Messages

  • Request Your Home’s Market Analysis
  • Text for more information
  • Call for free quote
  • Talk with an expert
  • Register Now
  • Buy Now
  • Add to Shopping Cart
  • Tweet this