Convert Leads to Clients

How to Convert Leads to Clients

Qualify leads — Don’t make leads wait — and Structure for Speed.

You spend time and money to generate real estate leads.  Whether through social media ads, social media posts, google ads, post cards, etc., your goal is to generate leads.

And, you want your leads to become new real estate clients – buyers and/or sellers; as well as to increase your number of real estate agents.

However, if you or your team lack proper follow-up, then your efforts are wasted.

Turn Your Leads Into Clients

-1-  Don’t Make Leads Wait

Leads cannot wait until the next day.  They should be handled immediately.

The level of interest for the prospect drops dramatically after one hour, and that person may have already moved on to another real estate professional. It is therefore important for you to put into place internal routines for handling incoming lead.

The top suggestion is to direct your online leads to a company mail, where multiple people have access to ensure someone quickly handles the lead.  When online leads go to a single person, leads can be missed due to overloaded email; or perhaps the person is away from the office.

-2-  Qualify the Lead First

You won’t be closing sales if you reach out to a lead that isn’t ready to buy or sell. And even more so, you may even putting the lead off by coming on too strong.

While all leads are potential sales leads, in order to provide a valuable first impression, it is important you qualify the lead first. This can be done through an assigned coordinator or by the real estate professional themselves.

Do a quick search of your CRM (leads) system to see if the person has reached out to you before.  You want to find out if you have any previous info on the leads, as well as to check if the leads has had prior discussions with another agent in your office.

-3-  Structure Your Agents / Team for Speed

Create a process that allows agents and sales teams to move quickly.  Consider the following when setting up your process:

  • How do we initiate first contact; by email or phone?
  • Who will enter the contact data?
  • Who will assign the lead to an agent?
  • How do we determine which agent gets the lead?
  • How should follow-up be handled?

-4-  Keep Leads Warm

If the prospect is not ready to move forward, you can ask if they want to be added to your mailing list.  Or, asked if they would like to be notified of upcoming housing webinars or events that may be of interest to them.

Put your best customer service front and center, always.  Keep your leads informed and show them that you can provide valuable information.  Doing this will get your leads to come back when they are ready to move to the next step.