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How to Build Authentic Business Relationships Online

Have you been building authentic relationships online?

Location, Location, Location…..  The beauty of the internet is that you’re no longer confined to just your local area. You can have clients and customers from all over the world! This sometimes is a difficult concept for people to grasp because many business owners still assume that they need to start locally.

While it’s true that you can start local, that doesn’t mean you need to stay local. That’s where building authentic business relationships online can help you take things to the next level.

Here are a few of the ways you can build authentic business relationships online and how they can help you grow your business.


A number of business owners have a love-hate relationship with Twitter.  While some may tell you that Twitter is great for website traffic because of it’s “word of mouth” effect, the other side of the coin is that twitter is not for website traffic at all.

In fact, research suggests that Twitter is actually terrible for traffic.  What Twitter is good for is building relationships. Seriously. How?  You can meet and talk with people on twitter even before you actually meet them in person, at the office or a coffee shop.

Here are some of the ways to use Twitter to build authentic business relationships online:

  • Participate in Twitter Chats. This is a great way to to use Twitter to build authentic business relationships online. Why? Because you are meeting and interacting with people who have common ground and common interests. Later, you can actually “meet-up” with some of your favorite bloggers and interact with them, thanks to Twitter chats.
  • Share other people’s content. Set alerts for your self to receive good real estate posts; then, share / tweet / re-tweet that information.  Be sure to tag the person that wrote the article.  Sharing content helps to make new friends and build authentic business relationships. It’s also helped increase your followers because you are actually engaging on Twitter.
  • Use it as a customer service or Q&A hub. Some of your clients and potential clients may have questions about the real estate process or about a property, invite them to ask questions; then respond to each of them.


Facebook is another way to build authentic business relationships online. Because of the sheer amount of people who use Facebook, it’s also great for finding leads and growing your business online.

Here are some of the ways to use Facebook to build authentic business relationships online:

  • Be active in Facebook groups. There are lots of Facebook groups associated with real estate, first time buyers, home sellers, real estate investments, real estate market trends, and more.  Either way, you can be active in different Facebook groups. You can ask a question, answer someone’s question, participate in discussions or look for sources to quote in articles.
  • Run your own Facebook group. Use your own Facebook group as a way to bring people together.  You can have a mastermind group of people who are interested in real estate or other business interests. Since it’s your own group, you will have more free reign in terms of being able to share your expertise and moderate discussing.
  • Facebook ads. You can run ads that add people to your email list, where you can then move them through your sales funnel process.  You can also run ads about your real estate services.


Use hashtags, tag brands and people; and post content people engage with.  Instagram is all about the visuals, so use good images that showcases your business; so that you can add leads to your email lists.

A social media report found that 60 percent of the top brands on Instagram use the same filter for every post. By using the same filters over and over, you can establish a style that will become recognizable to your followers. Since your goal is to get Instagram users to stop scrolling once they see your image (in order to engage with it by liking or commenting), the more instantly recognizable your photos are, the better.

It Works

While in-person networking is fantastic, building business relationships online can also take your real estate business to a whole new level.