Successful Brokers Productivity

How Successful Brokers Stay Productive

Many issues and agents compete for your attention.  Here is how some successful real estate brokers stay productive when running their real estate business.

1 – Focus on the 5%
Instead of trying to do everything yourself, work on the 5% that actually moves the money needle.

As the broker, you answer questions; you get involved with marketing campaigns; you manage your agents disputes; you are involved with customer service; you handle commissions & transactions; you check the paperwork; and you are online handling social media.

Take some time to figure out the 5% that is really important to your business bottom line; then focus on those items.  Everything else can be delegated to your admin and support staff, who have the skill sets and abilities to perform the job.


2 – Be Ruthless About Eliminating Interruptions
One of the biggest hurdles to productivity is interruptions.  To accomplish something that requires deep thinking, you need the appropriate time to engage in continuous free thinking.

Set aside at least one hour, ideally two to three, for yourself; and put it on your calendar.

Also, you can pick a day, for example Wednesdays, and set it as “No Meeting Wednesdays”. This not only helps you, but it also helps others at your brokerage to have time to focus on their work.  With everyone knowing there will be no meetings, each person will have dedicated time to get transactions closed.


3 – Define the Goal
It is easy to avoid the obvious distractions like unnecessary meetings, but it’s the innocuous distractions that can do real damage to productivity. They often seem small, and there can be an immediate satisfaction in dealing with them, but they inevitably turn into major time drains and take your focus away from where it needs to be.

To overcome productivity distractions hurdles,
First, identify what the true goal is for a project, and make sure everyone involved is focused on that goal.

Second, determine if there is a true finite ending, even if you can’t yet see what it is.

Finally, identify the various challenges standing in the way of achieving that ending and force yourself to ignore anything that doesn’t help you overcome those challenges.


4 – Use Your High-Energy Times Wisely
Take some time to understand when you do your best work and when you are most productive.  Then, organize your day around that.  Use your high-energy times to get your work done.