How Pros Get Short Sale Listings

Techniques Revealed by Top Agents

The new foreclosure statistics show that 1 out of every 200 homes will be foreclosed upon. Homeowners typically feel scared, depressed, angry, and/or embarrassed.

However, today, a large number of these homeowners are looking to resolve their situation with a short sale, so that they can move on and get their life back on track.

To find those homeowners ready to start the short sale process, our research uncovered that top agents locate these homeowners by following a four point guide.

4 Point Short Sale Finder Guide
1. Look for more than the foreclosure notice
In addition to checking for foreclosure notices sent to homeowners, top agents also identify the neighborhood. This provides for a more targeted search and a higher number of qualified leads.

(a) Identify neighborhoods where home prices have dropped by at least 30%.

(b) Identify homes purchased or refinanced between 2005 and 2008.

(c) Check unemployment data for the city in which the neighborhood resides.

2. Send “Get Out of Home Debt” postcard
Using postcards let the home owner see the offer right away; there is no mail to open.

3. Have simple Web pages with valuable info
Setup a website that provide short sale info, as well as capture name, email and phone number of homeowners. This can be a webpage within your existing website.
Be sure to include the website link on the postcard

4. Follow-up – Get new client
Respond to calls and emails promptly. Home owners who make contact are looking for immediate help.