Building Trust on Social Media

How Building Trust Works on Social Media

Building Trust Takes Time

First and foremost to understand building trust, you must understand that it takes time for people to trust you.

Here is how it works:

At first when people read your posts, they are likely to ignore them.  However, if you manage to teach them something, then it might sink in. Still, at this point they are not ready to become your client.

The second time a person notices a quality post of yours, it may register with them and spark a memory of your past posts.  That is, they might remember that they enjoyed the post you shared last time and therefore they might decide to pay attention to you in future.

Over time they will go from ‘taking note’ of what you say, to
‘actively seeking you out’.  At this point you will have their trust and attention.

The key is consistency and quality.  It can be tough to continually post relevant, informative, and accurate information; but that is what it takes.

How to Speed Up Building Trust

One, you can get a mention from someone that your audience already trusts.

Two, engage with your audience; respond to their questions; and always appear approachable and responsive.

Three, you can pickup points of topic and information by paying attention to what leading names in your industry are doing.