How are Brokers Finding New Agents?

What digital channels are top recruiting real estate companies using to find and get agents to join their offices?

Paid Search is the #1 method used.  However, other methods are also being used.  Below are the channels relied upon the most to attract new agents.

80% Paid Search

69% Paid Social

63% Content Marketing

58% Behavioral / Contextual Targeting

54% Lookalike Targeting


Paid Search
This is your pay per click (PPC) advertising; typically within a search engine setting.  For example: google click ads.

Paid Social
This is paying for advertising within a social media channel, and/or paying for social media posts.  For example: paying for advertising on facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, pintress, snapchat, etc.

Content Marketing
This is when you create and distribute valuable information that solves the problems and issues of your prospects / potential clients.  For real estate brokers, this is when you provide information to real estate agents that helps the agents be successful with their real estate business.  For example:  how to videos, blogs, white papers, posts on social media, etc.

Behavioral / Contextual Targeting
This is when you use a web user’s previous web browsing history to customize the types of ads they receive.  For example: let say you do a google search for real estate software.  When you visit different sites on the internet, google shows you real estate software ads

Lookalike Targeting
This is when you use the profile of your existing client base to find new prospects that looks similar to your existing clients.  Fore example:  In terms of real estate recruiting, you would take the profile of your existing agents, then specifically market toward people with a similar makeup.  Facebook has a specific look-alike targeting offer called Lookalike Audiences.