Holidays are Great Time to Recruit Agents – Here’s Why

Holidays are full of fun, joy, giving and an all around good time.  People are a bit more festive and have a lighter / sunnier disposition.

Why Recruit During the Holidays

Because of the lighter mood, people are more approachable, talkative and open to having conversations.

During this time of year, real estate agents take assessment of their performance — sales, commissions, closings and their real estate company.  As they consider their goals and options for the new year, this is a great time for them to consider new opportunities.

(1)  Agents have Time to Meet with You
Whether taking time for a few vacation days, shopping, or relaxation, there is simply more slack time for individuals to look for a better opportunity and to respond to recruiter calls.

There is more time for real estate agent to catch up on their reading and learning, so top candidates may be seeing your brokerage materials for the first time during this period.


(2)  Little Recruiting Competition from other Brokerages
A number of brokers and recruiters think that no one is around, so why bother trying to make contact. Therefore, if you are highly actively recruiting, you simply will not encounter many of your competitor’s recruiters actively fighting with you over top candidates.


(3)  You have Access to More Agents at Holiday Parties & Events
Everyone loves a party.  After all you have worked hard during the year, and now it is time to celebrate.

The good news is that there are lots of parties during this time of year, so there are many opportunities to meet lots of real estate agents, and even some people who may be interested in becoming real estate agents.

Starting with inviting agent to your office part; then there are the opportunities to attend the holiday parties of other brokerages; there are also the realtor’s association parties; then you have community events put on by your chamber of commerce, local hospital galas, social clubs, and more.


A number of real estate companies do not recruit during the holidays, which makes it a great opportunity for you to gain ground on your competition and add to your agent roster.

The best time to recruit is when others are idle, and when the candidates are most available and receptive.

While your holiday recruiting plan should include talking with lots of people and to get some of them to join your brokerage, you should also have lots of fun.