Real Estate Holiday Recruiting

Holiday Happy Hour Recruiting

Have Fun Adding Agents to Your Real Estate Company

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas provide for lots of opportunities to host a real estate agent happy hour.  Invite real estate agents to stop by your real estate office to take a load off while they learn some valuable information on getting new listings and buyers clients.

—  Pick a few dates over the next couple of months to host personable events for recruiting real estate agents.

—  It can be any date and time that works for you.  If you are into celebrating Halloween, then pick a date in October and do a Halloween theme happy hour.

—  Put the word out about your event on social media and at your local / nearby real estate associations.

—  Email those real estate agents that you have been being talking with about joining your real estate brokerage.

—  Inform your existing agents about your events so they can help you spread the word.

What to Talk About

There are lost of things to talk over at your real estate happy hour event.  You can do brief presentations, have a speaker, or have a question and answer session.  Here are some topics:

++  How to get extra business during the holiday season

++  How to handle year end closing, so that you are prepared for next year

++  Best practice for getting listing leads

++  How to convert buyer leads to buyer clients

++  How to build a database of referrals

Make it Easy for Agents to Inquire About Joining Your Brokerage

Have your company business cards, brochures, and other marketing information out and around your office.  This way agents can easily contact you at a later date; if they are not ready to have a conversation at the event.


A holiday happy hour is a good way to get to know a number of real estate agents in a more informal setting.  You can also build a rapport with promising agents for the future, even if they’re not actively looking to make a change now.