Here is how to Recruit Experienced Agents

Experienced Agents Already Know how to Handle their Business

Agents, who have been in the real estate business taking listings and closing transactions for a number of years, already know something about handling their business. So what can you offer that will get them to join your real estate brokerage?

The Number One Thing

For starters the number one thing you can offer experienced agents is to increase their business. This is not you just saying the words, but backing it up with hard numbers.

Experienced agents are always looking to improve their business; increase their closings; and offer valuable services to their clients. Thereby, just as they provide these services to their clients, they want the same level of services provided to them.

What to Offer and Say

So with experienced real estate agents, exactly what do you offer and say to them that will get them to talk with you about a move to your brokerage?

1. Offer: Increase their Business by at least 15%

Experienced agents want to move to something better. Therefore, you should discuss what increases they can expect in terms of closings, referrals, and leads.

2. Offer: Joint Advertising Promotions

Talk with agents about your marketing campaigns, the returns you are getting from those campaigns, and how the agent can benefit by participating in some of your office joint advertising. Discuss the types of joint advertising that would be most beneficial to the agent.

3. Offer: Administrative Support

Talk about your support staff; and be specific about their expertise, and how they can support the agent. For example discuss things like managing documents, doing follow-ups, tracking time lines, etc.

4. Offer: Social Media Assistance

Let the agent know which social media platforms you use; how often information is updated; and how the social media platform assists with lead generation for your office. Discuss any assistance you will provide and how they can tap into your existing online marketing efforts.

5. Offer: Great Working Environment

Experienced agents want a great place to work; a place that provides energy, ideas, and new business activity. Talk about how excited you are to work there; the attitude of others in your office; and the effort you commit to keep the office fun, professional, and uplifting.