Big Increase in Leads

Here is how One Company Got 638% More Leads

HealthSpire, an Aetna startup, generated 638% more leads for its call center by challenging assumptions.

How HealthSpire Generated 638% More Leads

They Challenged their Assumptions
HealthSpire assumed that
(1) long form landing pages did not work;
(2) that their call center employees should be measured by average time of a call; and
(3) they should try to sell any customer that came their way.

About 18 months ago, HealthSpire created a landing page to get potential customers to learn more about Medicare through a phone or chat conversation and, ultimately, register for Medicare plans.

Their hypothesis was that they wanted to have something that was short and not confusing. They were afraid that more information would create more confusion, resulting in a negative outcome. So HealthSpire decided to go with a first control version – something simple that just outlined their products.  They did not want to go in depth; however, HealthSpire wanted people to have a chance to contact them via phone, schedule a call or chat; according to Denis Mrkva, General Manager, HealthSpire.


They Tested What They Thought Would Work
First, HealthSpire decided to go with a first control version, simple, just outlining products without going in depth; and they gave site visitors a chance to contact them via phone, schedule a call or chat.

However, a few months after launching the page, the team realized that it wasn’t working.


Then, They Tested Using Long Form Landing Pages
The Director found out about MECLABS Institute, where he learned about understanding relevant content; understanding the audience that they wanted to service; and understanding their products.

So they engaged with MECLABS to create a new set of landing pages that are actually focused on how a consumer would like to interact with them, and they especially targeted consumers who may not be that digitally savvy.

The team analyzed their current HealthSpire landing page and identified a problem: It had a lack of credibility, which was hurting its primary process, and product-level value propositions.  Additionally, the landing page did not build trust with potential customers; which caused customers to believe there was no value in speaking with a HealthSpire agent.

After all, most customers are not excited about getting on the phone with an agent or a sales rep. They must first understand the value of that conversation to overcome the anxiety of a sales call, in addition to the time and effort they would invest in such a conversation.


Their Results

The final results showed that the longer landing page performed better, generating 638% more leads.

Turns out, visitors (valid leads only) who saw the longer page — which included more HealthSpire/agent value copy and imagery — were more likely to call than those who saw the simpler page with less content.

In other words, the additional value presented in the longer page outweighed the additional friction from having a longer page.


It all begins with creating real value for the customer

The longer landing page worked because it did a better job of increasing the perceived value of contacting a TeleAgent. And, for this strategy to work, Mrkva first made sure to create real value in interacting with the TeleAgents, that could then be communicated on the landing page.