Home Buyers

Have Your Marketing Shifted for the New Buyers?

People still wants to buy a home, and while a number of home buyers have delayed making the purchase, they continue to check out virtual tours, check available listings and keep in tune to price changes.

On the other hand, there are a number of people that that plan to buy a house, and they continue to search for a house.  However, a number of buyers have changed their priorities on what they want in their house.

Buyers have Shifted

A study by Ojo Labs states that the coronavirus has changed buyer expectations; and that buyers are putting new emphasis on searching for better common spaces.  Today, buyers state that the following is more important to them when buying a house:

1 – Extra Bedroom

2 – Open Floor Plan

3 – Good Lighting

4 – Kitchen Style

Your Marketing Must Shift

Location and commute times are no longer the top driving forces for home buyers.  Instead, buyers want an extra bedroom; more space; good lighting throughout the house and adequate kitchen space for doing more home cooking.

Additionally, space for a home office is starting to move from a “want” to a “need”.  As a result of the coronavirus, more people were shifted from working in an office to working from home.  Remote work, work from home, is expected to continue long after the coronavirus.

And, working from home means that buyers are home more.  Therefore, buyers are also looking more closely at neighborhoods, communities, and the lifestyles in different areas.

Therefore, your marketing should reflect that you understand the new buyers.