Great Follow-up Messages for Agent Recruiting

Time to Follow-up the right way.

Very rarely does a real estate agent join a real estate brokerage the first time they check you out.  That means, you must follow up and continue to communicate with your agent prospects.

Ways to put forth great follow-up messages

1 –  Take a consultative approach and offer something of value to establish a quality relationship.

2 –  Keep conversations and emails brief and concise.  Do not focus on your brokerage until you have learned more about the agent.

3 – Focus on the agents, not you

Sample Follow-up Messages

Instead of saying, “I’d love to”
substitute with, “Here’s another resource”  or  “Let’s discuss your…”

Instead of saying, “I saw you downloaded our white paper….”
substitute with, ” A number of agents have found the section on …. very helpful”

Use the Subject line:  “Good news. I have that info you requested”

Use the Subject line:  “Here’s that Information you requested”

Be respectful of their time: Give real estate agents a reasonable window of time before sending a follow-up message. Even if you have to follow-up five times (as is required by most sales!), you can avoid spamming your prospect by spacing them out appropriately. Sending a follow-up email too soon tells the recipient you don’t respect their busy schedule.

Always customize your reply to ensure that it is timely, relevant and compelling to the agent.

You have gotten potential agents to pay attention once – but it becomes harder the second time.  Focus on the agent’s problem and offer them a solution – YOURS!