Good Places to Recruit Real Estate Agents

We’re Hiring!  signs get attention.  Even when you are not looking for a job, that sign still gets your attention.  Why?  The possibility of improving things for yourself.

Just as businesses post their “We’re Hiring” signs, real estate brokers must let agents know that they are hiring. And in the case where you are looking for persons to become real estate agents, you must let people know that you are “hiring people to become real estate agents”.

The important thing is to get the word out about your brokerage hiring needs.  So where are some good places to post your hiring sign? Give these places a try.

1.  Women Work Organizations  –  look for women and men organizations that hold job fairs.  A number of these organizations provide work place training and entrepreneurial classes to help women and men start businesses, learn new skills, and improve their financial situation.  Their membership covers a range of people with diverse backgrounds.

2.  Outplacement Organizations  –  There are a number of companies that help displace workers from all types of industries.  You have a number of people with sales experience from areas like retail, medical, furniture, online e-commerce, etc.  These are people with diverse experiences and people knowledge; some may be a fit for your brokerage.

3.  On Campus Recruitment  –   Ever thought of joining other companies in setting up a booth on a college campus?  Campus recruiting goes beyond the traditional undergraduate.  Today, there are working adults taking classes, graduate students looking to change careers, and some adults looking to start new careers.

4.  Community Meetings  – Lots of community meetings and events happen every month.  Check your city’s website, chamber of commerce, and you can also google for events happening in your community.  Each month, pick a couple of events and attend them.  Talk with the event organizer about posting your job openings.

5.  Career Change Websites  –  There are a number of places on the internet to search for potential recruits.  However, focusing your search on specific types of websites can yield better results.  Try checking websites devoted to persons looking for a career change.  Often these are people who want to work for themselves and are looking for opportunities that will help them do just that.

Recruiting is an ongoing process; therefore, to keep a good flow of applicants coming to your brokerage, put a monthly recruiting process in place with the places you post your sign.