Getting PR / Media to Work for You – Newsjacking

Word travels fast!  From a breaking news stories, trending products, or viral video, the right message at the right time can resonate with people.

You can capitalize on those trending news stories by giving journalists valuable info that they can use to write about the event.

Journalists want the scoop; they want to be the first to get the “inside information”.  Have you noticed how news media like to say, “we are the only ones talking with __________; about this story”; or “we have the only exclusive interview with ________.”  This is because the media wants you to watch their version of the news / information segments.  Thereby, the media and journalists are always looking for great stories and events.

How can your real estate business become part of the news?


Definition:  to capitalize on the popularity of a news story to amplify your own products sales and marketing.

Example:  A good example of newsjacking is the Verizon/T-Mobile back-and-forth that happened during the Super Bowl. T-Mobile went all out, running several ads; some including their CEO John Legere and another series spoofing ‘50 Shades of Grey’ featuring comedian Kristen Schaa.  As we all know, super bowl commercial are not cheap.  Commercials cost reached $5 million.

As for Verizon, they paid $0; they did not run a super bowl commercial.  However, they newsjacked.

As T-Mobile commercials began to air, Verizon began responding through various content channels, the most visible being Twitter.  Using social media, Verizon were able to increase their visibility by a factor of 4;  while T-Mobile was paying millions to get visibility.

How to do Newsjacking

Be Relevant
Find the genuine connection between your brand / real estate company and the news topic.  Irrelevant connections will be seen as forced, and will likely do more harm that good.

Be Entertaining
Entertaining does not always have to be humorous.  You can speak to a serious topic, and present the topic in a manner that is not dull.  If you are going to be humorous, you can follow the example given above about Verizon.  It was imaginative and entertaining.

Be heard
Inform reporters that you have the information they are looking for and create a blog post with relevant and desirable information.

We have 24 hour news, lots of reporters, and lots of influential bloggers. Take some time to check if your real estate business can benefit from PR and Media.