Get Your Recruiting Emails Delivered to Agents Inbox

According to the 2017 Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec, 53% of all emails are spam.  Therefore, Email Service Providers (ESPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) closely monitor emails for signs of spam and potentially malicious activities.

What does this mean for you, a reputable email sender?  It means that you must follow proper email etiquette to make sue your email reaches its intended target.  Otherwise, you have a potential to fall victim to being blacklisted and/or getting a poor sender score.

Making Sure Your Emails Reach Inboxes

Here are the top three key steps you can take to improve your email performance.

(1)  Keep Your List Clean
Monitor your bounce notifications so that you do not keep sending email to bounced addresses.  If you continue to send email to bad addresses and ignore the feedback from your email service provider, you run the risk of having your emails filtered or dropped.

Have and “unsubscribe” feature so that recipients can remove themselves from your list.  Also note, “unsubscribe” is a requirement under the CAN-SPAM Act.  By having an “unsubscribe” option it discourages recipients from filing spam complaints, which can damage your reputation.

(2)  Optimize Your Email Content
Keep images to a minimum; too many images and text links triggers spam flags.

Avoid promotional text; such as “Buy Now!” or “Free” are major spam flags.  Also avoid using all caps in text and exclamation marks.

Personalize your emails; address the recipient by name, and send content that reflects the recipient specific interest.

Identify who is sending the email; use a valid reply-to address and be sure to have an unsubscribe link the body of the email.

(3)  Be Aware of Your Sending Volume
Consider using a pools of IPs; email service providers have send limits for each IP address.  If you send over 50,000 emails per week, you should consider using a pool of IPs.

Checking your email performance and taking corrective action can save you valuable time and resources.  It can also help you to avoid being blacklisted, blocked by spam filters, and it can increase your success rate of having your email delivered to the agents inbox.