Get the Deal Closed Faster

The Yes / Yes Option

When most people are presented with a choice, they normally make a selection between the choices. The key is understanding that you must present a choice.

So how does choice and the “yes / yes option” benefit your real estate business? To understand how it works, lets first look at a non-real estate example using an everyday type of occurrence:

You are at the rental car counter to pickup your car. In getting your paperwork together, the person at the counter asks you, “do you want the ultimate coverage insurance or the collision only”.

Did you see the yes technique in the above example? What the person did was use the “yes / yes option” to close. This is one of the best sales techniques around, and works the same way with real estate deals.

You see, when the rental car person asked which one you wanted, the usual reaction is to make a selection. Now perhaps you wanted neither, but at that moment your mind is busy processing the choices to provide an answer.

Here’s an Example for Your Real Estate Business
Let’s say you are on a listing appointment. You have talked with the seller and knows that you have a good chance of getting the home sold. In asking the seller for the business you say, ” Mr./Ms. Seller do you want me to sell your home in 30 days or 60 days”. Once the seller makes a choice, get the listing agreement sign; you’ve closed the deal.

In the above example we used 30 and 60 days to make a point. You should present the time frame that you know it will take to sell the home.

Other Real Estate Techniques
There are a number of ways to use the “yes / yes option”:

– Let’s say you are trying to set a closing date; “Mr. (Ms.) Seller / Buyer, do you want to close on September 12 or September 15?”.

– Or when your agents are paying for services; “Do you want to pay in full, or would you like the easy payment plan of only $34.99 a month?”.

The “yes / yes option” is such a powerful technique because when people are given two choices, they automatically think they have to choose one of them. So the next time you are meeting with your clients, are you going to present one or two options?