Social Media Recruiting

Get Smarter About Recruiting on Social Media

Get Hyper-Specific Recruiting on Social Media

The sky’s the limit with digital ads.  Your recruiting ads can reach real people, not just anonymous real estate groups.  Using Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match, and Twitter Tailored Audiences, you can directly target agents in your CRM system based on their email addresses or phone numbers.

Today, your real estate agent recruiting can go far beyond traditional demographic targeting, like all 25 – 30 year-old women real estate agents in Los Angeles.  For example, with Facebook behavioral targeting, a real estate broker, looking for people to become real estate agents, could start by targeting people with specific seniority levels and job titles, segmented by company size.  I.E., you could target the people you think has the aptitude to make it in the real estate industry.

Whether you looking for existing real estate agents, or people to join the real estate profession, you can now be hyper-specific in your online marketing.

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