How to Get Referrals this Time of Year

Why is this a great time for referrals? Because during this time of year, more people simply want to help others.

Giving, sharing, donating, and going out of your way to do something for someone else is what most people do at this time of the year. Yes, this includes helping you with business leads.

More than you realize, people are happy to let you know of friends, co-workers, family and others that is looking to sell their home or buy a home.

“Home for the Holidays” is a sentiment expressed every year at this time, and it gives everyone a feeling of wanting to belong, and for some that means a place of their own, and for others that mean moving to a new location.

With the spirit of warmth and giving, it is an excellent time to share your business mission in a way that will lead to more referrals. What is the best way to do this?

Share Your Business Mission, Get Referrals
Everyone figures they know the ‘what’ about real estate; like, What a broker does; what an agent does; what is my house worth; what commission should I pay; what a seller should know; what a buyer should know, …

Change the conversation to a ‘why’. Like, why your home price is higher or lower than the next door city; why the area schools are good; why the community is improving; why this home is priced much lower; …

Your real estate business is about helping sellers and buyers have the best experience possible, so tell people why this is true.

When people start to understand the ‘why’ about your business, they have a knowledge connection that give them confidence that you will get the job done, when they refer their friends and family to you.

1. You Care About Finding The Right Home.  Express the reasons why helping someone to find the right home is the best thing for them and you. People want to hear you say that their interest is important to you. They want to know that you really do take the time to find the right fit for them.

2. Truthfulness Supported by Market Data.  You understand that every seller wants the maximum price for their home. However, sometimes the price that the seller wants is beyond the market price. Be upfront and truthful about the price, show them the data analysis, and invite them to double check the numbers.

3. Home Sale Charity Donation.  Start a year end program where every home you sell in the months of November thru December, a percentage of your commission is donated to a local charity. You can invite different charities to apply for consideration; you can select a different charity each year; … the goal is to let people know that your business is about helping others.

Putting a year-end referral program in place will help keep leads flowing into your real estate business well into the following year.