How To Get Real Estate Agents to Join Your Brokerage

Every brokerage wants top producing agents. Research shows that the most common characteristics among successful agents are salesmanship, clear communication, and drive.

So how do you get producing agents to join your real estate company? You must have a solid answer to the agents’ number one question.

Agents who are prospecting and closing deals want to know, “are they going to gain business by working at your brokerage?”. Even new agents with drive and determination have this same question.

Agents want some assurances that your goal, as their broker, is to improve the position of the brokerage and thus their ability to increase sales and closings.

How do you answer this question and provide the assurances?

The key is to tailor your marketing materials and interview discussions to their needs:

1. Show Your involvement with online prospecting
show each potential agent your marketing website links, and sample email campaigns.

2. Demonstrate How technology makes your brokerage better
give each potential agent a demo of your real estate software system and show them how it will help them in their business.

3. Describe Your Training on lead conversion
Talk about your experience with converting leads to clients. Share lessons learned about what you found that really works.

4. Invite them to sit-in on Personal development coaching
Ask potential agents to come by to sit in on a coaching session. Let them know that they could learn some valuable information that could help their business.

5. Show Pride in Your office assistance and support
Talk about what your office support include and how the staff is available to help with all types of tasks.

6. Explain How difficult closings are handled
Talk about some of the problems that you have encountered with a few of your current closings. Explain how your solved the problem and why you chose to solve it that way.

7. Discuss How problems are resolved
Let each agent know that you run your business in a professional manner, and that you look to resolving problems immediately.

Agents understand that you have a business to run. However, they also understand that a part of what contributes to their personal success is having a brokerages that does their part very well.