Get More Clients Today

It’s time to assess your business and take advantage of new techniques that can put you ahead in the real estate market.

Real Estate companies that are making money and growing in today’s real estate environment have made a number of changes in how they are doing things online and in traditional media.

Our research shows that brokers, who are landing the deals, have made key adjustments in pursuing clients.

Getting Clients

Get Online –  The biggest change for top brokers was having a place online to capture leads. Brokers have combined cost per click strategy with connecting to their community based websites.

some broker research comments include:

— It doesn’t have to be a fancy website with information and graphics in every space. Instead, focus on a couple of key community issues.

— Be an alternate information source, no one wants to hear the same things over and over.

— Have members from your church, civic group, and travel club, talk about your ties to the community and your volunteer efforts. And if you haven’t been involved, start with Thanksgiving; everyone is in a sharing mood.

Marketing Online – In addition to the top search engines like google, yahoo, and bing, brokers also advertise on websites that are run by organizations in their local communities.

For example, high school sports teams, gardening clubs, cooking schools, etc. The local organizations put them directly in front of potential clients.

Recruit Correctly  – While there may be a number of real estate agents, not all maybe right for your brokerage. Top brokers recruit agents who are go getters. This include new agents with an attitude and drive to win.
A top favorite recruiting question  — What do you know that will make you money in real estate?

Following-up – You can do everything right and still lose if you do not follow-up. When a client is ready to buy or sell, they are ready. Do not be the one to prep the client and get them ready, only for someone else to come along at the right time and close the deal.

Send an email to just follow-up, touching base, provide new information about the community, provide housing market information, etc.

Get Efficient – Clients want quick answers and immediate attention. You want to be that reliable information source.

Get rid of the spreadsheets and word files for tracking data. Get yourself a real estate database system, preferable an online – web base system, so that you and your agents can work from any location.
To get more clients brokers are positioning themselves to be the conversation leaders. They understand that the shift to the internet, and the competition for information have greatly influenced how sellers and buyers interact with real estate professionals.