Get More Buyers with Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint analysis is the way in which you can use research to help you confidently determine what attributes and features are important to home buyers.  Then, you can use that information to attract and increase your number of buyer clients.

The process is to use Q&A / Online Questionnaire to invite home buyers to talk about what they need and want when making their home purchase.

Example Questionnaire

.1.  Are you the first one in your family to buy a house?  __Yes  __No

.2.  Does some of your friends own their home?  __Yes  __No

.3.  Why have you decided to buy a house?  __Price  __Interest Rates

.4.  Which do you prefer?  __More Bedrooms  __Better Neighborhood

.5.  Which do you prefer?  __Better Schools  __Larger Home

Highlight Your Brokerage Features

Once your real estate brokerage obtain information from your questionnaire, you should use it to specifically target the buyers in your market.

Questionnaire does not need to be lengthy; you should focus on key metrics that will help you be better understand the buyers in your market.

You can use online survey software to develop and post questionnaire on your website and social media pages.